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613 Hoi Polloi
Kalahari Nocturne
pomelo reclining rosy-fingered dawn
cranberry field
lucasatrum kiwano night cafe
croceus edge of the world
hot peppers garlic field
pomelo reclining pomegranate
bloodred oranges cranberry field
garlic tomatillias
cabbage split garlic

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"You tell the time of year by the fruits at the greengrocer’s stands. Exotic fruits appear, each in its own season. It’s a sensual, seductive print of our globalized world. The sky turns a deep cobalt blue, and the air smells clean and crisp. It is pomegranate season."

"There was something about those dull, bumpy fruits from biblical lands that held particular resonance in the fall of 2001, when I was living in New York City. The juicy rubies were packed together so tightly and

scattered so easily when the fruit was opened. I painted a series of small studies of pomegranates, torn open and sitting on my windowsill, with the blood red seeds reflecting the gray, waning city light."

"In the past few years the studies of torn fruit got bigger, and now approximate the scale of the human body. They can be seen as portraits. Seduction and desire, implied violence, vulnerability, destruction and rebirth underlie these images. They are mainly about the power and fragility of life itself."

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