andrea kantrowitz

"When the fruits are torn by hand, rather than cut with a knife, they break apart along their weakest spots and natural fault lines revealing their internal strengths and structures. Light is captured in quivering juicy corpuscles, while torn skin opens to reveal flesh, filaments and fluids. "

"These paintings (in oil on canvas) are oversized portraits of fruits and vegetables that have been ripped open. As I examined them, I was struck by the anatomical similarities between the organic structures of the plant world and those I observed years ago when I studied human anatomy at the Yale Medical School. "


"Fruits have evolved to entice animals like us to consume them. By destroying them, we scatter their seeds, playing our part in the cycle of life.

Andrea Kantrowitz brings a new vision to the venerable theme of vanitas. Her most recent work includes oil on canvas and intaglio prints. In both mediums, the works evidence a passionate embrace of traditional materials and techniques as well as precise and intense observation of the subject. Though rooted in art history, Andrea Kantrowitz’s vivid paintings have an urgency which is very much of the present moment.

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