a Studio in a School residency with Teaching artist Andrea Kantrowitz, sponsored by Time Warner

This project took place in two 7th grade math classrooms at
IS 237, a Magnet School for the Arts, Queens, New York

Chairs? CHAIRS?! Chairs!

Murmuring swept through the room.
Chairs? CHAIRS?!
Books, too? BOOKS?!
Yes. Chairs and books.
Disbelief spreads through the room, like a plague.
Fun! Draw, staple, dream!
Time to go on computers.
Computers? COMPUTERS?!?!?!?!
Whoohoo! Computers!!!
No games. Research only.
More murmurs.
No games?
No games.
Paper? Check.
Scissors? Check.
Tape? Check.
Imagination? Check!
Work, work, work, like excited bees in a hive.
Cut, paste, think.
Cut, paste, draw.
Wonder. Dream. Create.
Design poster.
Draw, draw, draw once again.
Group up.
Think. Bicker. Decide. Sketch.
Cardboard, scissors, bamboo, and tape?
Work, work, work once more.
Many new materials!
Lace! Cushions! All things comfortable!
Heavy hearts and good byes fill the air.
Goodbye! We'll miss you, Ms. K!

Brigid Calhoun 712